Callie -

Female Dog aged 2 years.

Callie is a very people friendly 2 year old lab pit mix. She is a deaf dog so in new situations she can be a little reactive but is not a mean dog. She loves to go for walks and sniff around in new places. A home as the only pet will be best suited for her as active, jumpy or barky dogs tend to make her super reactive. A fenced yard or someone committed to taking her for walks for potty time will be best. Callie has been in training at White Mountain College for Pets for a few months learning how to communicate as a deaf dog and learn new skills as well as obedience. Her adoption comes with extended training for the new owner and her so you have the best skills moving forward.

Dude -

Male Dog aged Adult.

Courtesy Post, He is not in our shelter! Dude is a beautiful Cattle Dog that is Up To Date on vaccines and neutered. Dude is not good with other animals and will take toys from small children. A wonderful Cattle Dog that needs a only pet home.

Frankie / Luna -

Male Cat aged Adult.

Frankie is a very nice and social cat.  He needs to be adopted with his sister who is a littermate.  They love to cuddle, groom and just be cats.  They were the only pets in the home and indoor only.

Hickory -

Male Dog aged Adult.

Hickory is a very active 2 yr. old GSD He is very sweet and loves kids, excellent house manners and knows quite a few commands. He just doesn't wasn't to share his house with other pets. Hickory does very well as an individual dog.

Ken -

Male Dog aged Young Adult.

Ken is a 11 month old pointer hound lab mix puppy. He is a sweet dog that just need exercise. He loves people, good with some dogs but is jumpy like most puppies. He does have a big bark so apartment life is not a good fit for him. Long walks would be a great idea for him.

Koda -

Male Dog aged Adult.

Koda is a very sweet 3 year old blue heeler. He is very friendly and would be a great hiking partner. He will chase cars as well as bikes so he should not be off leash. Good with older kids, dogs and cats.

Odin -

Male Dog aged Adult.

Odin is a 2 1/2 year old Lab that is good with kids, dogs, cats. He is kind of goofy and has a fair amount of energy. Once he bond with you he can be off leash outside. He was born with the defect in his tail so his tail flips over.

Penelope -

Female Cat aged 4 years.

Penelope is a beautiful 4 yr old gray spayed female cat that is shy here in the shelter but very friendly in a home situation. She would be best in a quieter home. She has not lived with dogs but should be ok with a dog friendly dog. She loves people and is ok with other cats here. She is going to be inside only as she has no outside experience.

Phoenix -

Female Dog aged 2 years.

Phoenix is a beautiful 2 1/2 year old Pit Bull that came to us after her owner had a stroke and couldn't keep her. She is very other dog reactive and hasn't lived with cats. She is very sweet and would do best in an home that she could have lots of interaction.

Rascal -

Female Dog aged 2 years.

Rascal is a very sweet but shy 2 1/2 year old pitbull. She would be best in a home as the only pet. She is great on walks and fine walking by other dogs but should not share her home with other dogs. We do not know if she has cat experience and we prefer to place her with kids over 12 years old.

Toby -

Male Cat aged Adult.

Toby is an amazing 4 year old cat that has lived with cats and dogs, loves all humans but is an Indoor Only Cat. He comes right out to meet everyone who comes to visit.

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