Foster Application

Thank you for your interest in helping our cats!

Fosters are responsible for transportation for their cats to and from the cafe with very limited exceptions (cats love Uber/Lyft). We are additionally giving preference to fosters willing to work with and socialize shy cats, care for pairs of cats, or medicate if necessary.

If you are interested in our trial-adoption program, where you would provisionally adopt a cat of your choosing with the intention of formally adopting quickly barring obvious insuitability, please fill out an adoption application. In that case, be sure to describe your household and its unique needs in the application so we can best assist you in finding your perfect match.

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Contact Information

Please enter an email address where we can reach you. This is our main way to communicate with our fosters.
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We require fosters to promptly respond to potential inquiries and schedule phone/video meetings with potential adopters quickly. We also require fosters to take pictures/videos and write descriptions of their foster cats as quickly as possible in order to facilitate the search for their forever home.

Housing Information

Household Information

Let the cat come to you, be sensitive of it's body language, watch the tail, etc.
(Teach the family to not leave doors open, etc.)

Other Pet Information


Tell us what kind of cat(s) you are interested in fostering!

At this time, we are only able to provide starter supplies. Although not required, we appreciate a donation to cover these costs.


For each reference, please provide an EMAIL ADDRESS. References should not be family members, significant others, or roommates.

STOP! Please check your references and confirm that they are NOT RELATED TO OR CURRENTLY DATING YOU. Your mom and your partner are lovely, I'm sure, but not appropriate here. As for the folks you chose, are there any typos in their email addresses? Good to go? Let them know that we will be reaching out as soon as you submit. The sooner they respond, the sooner you can foster!

And Finally...

Let us know how you got the great idea to foster for us!